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Gold’s Gym is passionate about their members loving their club as much as they do, so they encourage the use of free guest passes. It’s true! They actually want you to use as many of their gyms as you want for free. Gold’s understands that not all gyms are for everyone, so they’d like you to find the location that suits you best.

Here are a few suggestions to take with you while exploring each location:

  • Ask lots of questions to both the staff and current members
  • Try all of the amenities that you have access to for the day
  • Check out the snack and juice bars
  • Do as many group classes as you can

Building Relationships!

Choosing a gym is a very personal thing. People are looking to get different things out of their experience with the club. Some look for a community feel where members become friends outside of the gym. Others are there for strictly fitness purposes and don’t look for the extra perks that come with. No matter what you are looking to get out of your gym, having the freedom to choose how you workout is nice. At Gold’s Gym there are numerous classes, dozens of machines, basketball courts, swimming pools, so that you can get some exercise doing what you love.

Is Location Important?

Pick a location that has everything that you need, is convenient for you to get to and from, and a facility where everyone makes you feel at home. Utilizing free guest passes is your sure ticket to shop gyms the right way. Check out the VIP and guest pass links below and get your fitness program started, today. There are many more available on the web all of the time, so don’t be afraid to do some research. You’ll be surprised how many deals you can find through a quick search.

Guest Passes Available now

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