lifetime fitness guest pass

Lifetime Fitness Advantages

There are dozens of advantages to being a member at Lifetime Fitness. From every machine you can imagine, to sport courts, pristine locker rooms, snack and drink bars and swimming pools, Lifetime Fitness has every perk. Members have the ability to access all of this and more whenever they please.

Deals & Discounts

Discounts and deals are always around the corner at Lifetime, including a great opportunity at the Health Store within the facility. This program allows you to purchase healthy living items at affordable, discounted rates. The program partners with many suppliers and offers up to 25% off (up to $1500 value) on various items sold by its partners. Get vitamins, supplements, protein and more at a price that cannot be beat.

Free Trials Available

Lifetime also provides members with a certain amount of free guest passes depending on the location to be used throughout the year. Free trials are also availables for those interested in all that the club has to offer. Before you sign a contract, learn about all of the benefits of membership and experience them yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

Free Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass

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